[Pinned] How to use this blog

This blog is apart from my previous blog which is founded in 2014. I was trying to divided my virtual identity and my real identity, well, apparently, too late.

First, I will tell you how to use this blog.

Besides two pinned post , there are three kinds of articles that I will post:

  1. Teaching
  2. Paper
  3. Opinion

Opinion doesn’t reviewed by others; thus, I strongly asking you not to quote or reference in your formal articles. Of course there will be more leisure or more non-serious opinions which I will post on Facebook and Twitter.

Papers: Generally I will post each articles I wrote after peer reviewed or announced in the conference. Some of them will only have abstract with a link to a database. In my opinion, I would like to make it as more open as possible. But Taiwan’s law scholars are some kind of conservative. So it depends on the contract that I signed with the publisher. If your university or college didn’t buy that database or you are very curious or want the full text. Please mail to my working email, I will send it to you directly.

Teaching: This part is for my students. I will announced some syllabus, reading list etc.