Personal Information

Name: Hayung Sbeyan (Please don’t call me “Mr. Sbeyan”, which is my father’s name, instead call my name “Hayung” is better.)

Research Interest: Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Information Law

Last Update: 24-06-2022

Higher Education Background


Chinese Publications

Journal Paper

  • Hayung Sbeyan, The Legal Research of Linked Files from the Databases of Health and Welfare Data Center Under Public Interest Article of Personal Data Protection Law, Science and Technology Law Journal, Vol. 13, pp. 145-169 (2021) (Double-blind peer review)


  • Hayung Sbeyan, Legal Research of the Application of the Database of Health and Welfare Data Science Center, National Chung Cheng University Master Thesis, 2020

Non-Chinese Publications


  • Hayung Sbeyan, Considering Vtubers’ Virtual Identity Protection from Criminal Offenses on the Internet as Natural Person’s Personal Identity Protection, Leiden University Advanced Master Thesis, 2022


Council of Indigenous Peoples, Taiwan

  • Indigenous Peoples’ University and College Grants 5 Times
  • Indigenous Peoples’ Specialized Talent Scholarship: Master Admitted 2019
  • Indigenous Peoples’ Specialized Talent Scholarship: Master Graduated 2021

Ministry of Education, Taiwan

  • Scholarship of Government Sponsorship for Overseas Study 2020

Language Ability


Course Finished

  • Japanese N2